Solution Procurement

McCormack taps our industry intelligence to help our clients evaluate the competitive technology landscape and articulate the questions that need to be asked. As a trusted advisor, we provide direction and support at every phase of the selection process, utilizing an established and proven methodology that is sensitive to the specific requirements of our clients.

The technology solutions available to the healthcare industry have matured significantly, providing our clients with a growing list of products that seem to be infinitely configurable. Without a focused selection process, decision-makers are often underwhelmed with RFP responses and overwhelmed with feature-rich product demonstrations. This manifests itself as unsuccessful implementations, unmet business needs, or, worse, paralysis of the decision.

Let us findthe competitive technology that’s right for your business

McCormack will help you make sure that vendor solutions adapt to the requirements of your business, honor your technology strategy, and meet your underlying business objectives.

Procurement Services:

Defining project objectives | Refining of scope, resourcing, budget, and timeline into project governance documentation | Project plan creation | Leading the RFI process | RFP development and scoring | Managing the RFP process | Determining vendor/solution finalists | Due diligence of finalists | Selection of vendor/solution | Negotiation and contracting