At McCormack Consultants, we are experts in implementing new technology for the healthcare industry. Key to our success is that very few consulting teams have the deep product and vendor knowledge that we have. We’ve managed and provided system implementations for a diverse range of both providers and payers.

Each complex software implementation is a symphony that requires a conductor and a skilled group of role players. To further the analogy, McCormack’s industry intelligence is the diversity of instruments that we already know how to play. We have a great deal of experience fulfilling all of the roles that make an implementation harmonious and successful.

Our inside experience enables usto drive highly effective projects

Whether you are embarking on an implementation project or an optimization one, we can provide the experienced professionals and services you need to succeed. Our implementations match recognizable benefits to defined business objectives, without significant disruption to your day-to-day business.

McCormack Implementation:

Project planning | Project management | Resource planning | Business and workflow analysis | System architecture analysis, design, and development | System configuration | Data mapping and integration | Development of data interfaces and dashboards | System QA | System administrator and end-user training