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    How can an organization protect against Patient Identity Theft?

    I was recently asked what could be done from a leadership perspective to help the organization protect against patient identity theft. The simple answer is to endorse and promote the organization’s security program. What I find all too often is that many healthcare organizations don’t really have a robust security program.

    I continue to […]

    Thoughts on the Road this Week 6/8/2015

    Here are some thoughts from the road last week: 1. When managing a client project it is important to provide clear, proactive communication of expectations and delivery dates. This is especially important when the client must make decision regarding a deliverable by a set date. They sometimes don’t make the connection that their delay in […]

    Thoughts on the Road this week…6/1/2015

    Thoughts on the roads this week from team…

    1. In spite of the fact that we have all this incredible technology around us all the time to communicate effectively – texts, voice memos, videos, and facetime, we often fail to manage the usage of these tools appropriately. If we think of them as actually tools, […]

    Thoughts on the Road Last Week….

    These are the 4 things that our team members have learned, thought about or experienced last week!

    1. Make sure to empower the client in engagements by continually asking for their feedback.

    2. Buyer Beware. Make sure your vendor contract has sufficient detail on what will or won’t be included as well as when. […]

    Thoughts from the Road this Week….

    We are going to have a weekly post of at least one thing our team members have learned, thought about or experienced each week from the road.

    1. Having a process that no one else knows about or chooses to follow is really no better than not having a process at all. 2. Vendors […]