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    How Do We Get IT and Business to Work Together Effectively?

    hands togetherI have encountered many businesses where the relationship between IT and the business are at best cordial, but more often somewhere between cold and hostile. If you talk with both sides you will find good reasons why the other side is wrong. Most of those faults on both sides can quickly be dealt with if there is a clear understanding of the goals are and how long it will take both sides to accomplish them.
    When defining problems and identifying solutions a mediator, who understands both sides can greatly contribute to the “solutioning”, which is a key element to successful meetings and outcomes. Ideally a business and IT savvy project manager will be in place to be that catalyst to becoming positively solution focused. If that is not the case find those qualities in someone and get them added to your project team.
    If IT simply accepts the requirements and offers no guidance or discussion of how to make it the best solution from the business the solution it may not perform well in the end and the finger pointing will begin again.
    If the business is not open to ideas and discussion from the technology professionals the same end result will occur.
    Since it is very difficult to see the other side’s point of view when your experience and expertise lies only on one side, bring in that skilled mediator and solutioner to help your team create solutions that will successfully meet your business needs while helping the IT and business units operate efficiently.

    Michael J. Allen, the President and Founder of McCormack Consultants, Inc., is an Information Technology/Business Professional who has been working in the Healthcare Industry since 2000. Michael founded McCormack based on an understanding that healthcare companies need usable and efficient technology to operate, but those companies are not in the implementation business. By creating a company that can guide and run implementations that are successful and allow companies to stay focused on their core business, he has found a way to utilize his skills and passions to make a difference in healthcare. He has worked in small and nationwide health plans at different levels from database administrator to Director of Support Services. His experience ranges from data analytics to database management to project management and he has been successful in creating efficient solutions with technology. He has the unique ability to understand the business processes within Healthcare while having a deep technical understanding and skill set. As one of McCormack’s Principal Consultants, Michael has served clients in various roles from report developer to technical consultant to technical implementation specialist to interface architect to overall project manager. Michael has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Houston and is a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Systems Administrator and is currently pursuing his MBA from Lewis University.

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