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    How Not To Set a Go-Live Date!

    Hampster BirthdayOne of the most important things you do when you get a project going is designing the project plan. There are many key elements and several different methodologies to laying out your project plan, regardless the methodology, there is always a Go-Live Date. The date when you have to turn on the system, staff the department, and/or launch the rocket. Without a Go-Live Date you don’t have a project, you have an ongoing operational money pit.

    There are also many different variables to be considered when determining a Go-Live Date (regulatory, software sunset, etc.), but I wanted to share with you some reasons that we have heard that should not be considered to set your date
    While some of these may sound like good ideas, these are not reasons WHY to set a date:
    • Setting the date just so bonuses can be made at year end
    • Setting the date based on the date of a similar software implementation that went live five years ago.
    • Setting the date based on birthdays and anniversaries of friends, family members, or pets – BAD IDEA.

    I would love to hear some of the crazy stories you all have about setting Go-Live dates. Hopefully this will provide a bit a humor, but also help all of us be on the lookout for project plan timelines based on your hamster’s birthday 😉

    Please stay tuned to Go Live Date Part 2 – Top 3 things to consider when you are setting an effective go-live date.

    Michael J. Allen, the President and Founder of McCormack Consultants, Inc., is an Information Technology/Business Professional who has been working in the Healthcare Industry since 2000. Michael founded McCormack based on an understanding that healthcare companies need usable and efficient technology to operate, but those companies are not in the implementation business. By creating a company that can guide and run implementations that are successful and allow companies to stay focused on their core business, he has found a way to utilize his skills and passions to make a difference in healthcare. He has worked in small and nationwide health plans at different levels from database administrator to Director of Support Services. His experience ranges from data analytics to database management to project management and he has been successful in creating efficient solutions with technology. He has the unique ability to understand the business processes within Healthcare while having a deep technical understanding and skill set. As one of McCormack’s Principal Consultants, Michael has served clients in various roles from report developer to technical consultant to technical implementation specialist to interface architect to overall project manager. Michael has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Houston and is a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Systems Administrator and is currently pursuing his MBA from Lewis University.

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