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    Thoughts on the Road this Week 6/8/2015

    road 4Here are some thoughts from the road last week:
    1. When managing a client project it is important to provide clear, proactive communication of expectations and delivery dates. This is especially important when the client must make decision regarding a deliverable by a set date. They sometimes don’t make the connection that their delay in the decision can push back the project completion.

    2. While it might seem like common sense, when determining the effort required for a project ensure both sides are thinking along the same lines. Most companies think in terms of 40 hour weeks (minus holidays) and many consultants don’t necessarily operate under the same restrictions. Make sure your budget is based on matching assumptions.

    3. Some people it is just their personalities they are open to meeting new people, learning about new products, experiencing new situations. It can be really hard for folks that are not comfortable doing this but honestly, you will not regret it. Push your self beyond your boundaries, be friendly, kind and open to others and you will experience many daily miracles.

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