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    Thoughts on the Road this week…6/1/2015

    road3Thoughts on the roads this week from team…

    1.  In spite of the fact that we have all this incredible technology around us all the time to communicate effectively – texts, voice memos, videos, and facetime, we often fail to manage the usage of these tools appropriately. If we think of them as actually tools, like we used to think of pen and pad, as opposed to toys we can get more effectiveness from them.

    2.  There will always be resistance to change in any organization. The key to success: Good proactive communications. You must get understanding and buy in before you can implement change.

    3. It is very important to set expectations and then boldly over deliver to a client.

    4.  It saves a ton of time and mind clutter if your desk and computer files are organized so you can get to the information efficiently and effectively. It is hard to clean up your desk at the end of each day but it is well worth it to start the morning with a clean slate and a clear set of objectives determined the night before.

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