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    How Not To Set a Go-Live Date!

    One of the most important things you do when you get a project going is designing the project plan. There are many key elements and several different methodologies to laying out your project plan, regardless the methodology, there is always a Go-Live Date. The date when you have to turn on the system, staff the […]

    Thoughts on the Road this Week 6/8/2015

    Here are some thoughts from the road last week: 1. When managing a client project it is important to provide clear, proactive communication of expectations and delivery dates. This is especially important when the client must make decision regarding a deliverable by a set date. They sometimes don’t make the connection that their delay in […]

    Thoughts on the Road this week…6/1/2015

    Thoughts on the roads this week from team…

    1. In spite of the fact that we have all this incredible technology around us all the time to communicate effectively – texts, voice memos, videos, and facetime, we often fail to manage the usage of these tools appropriately. If we think of them as actually tools, […]