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    Thoughts on the Road Last Week….

    road 2

    These are the 4 things that our team members have learned, thought about or experienced last week!

    1. Make sure to empower the client in engagements by continually asking for their feedback.

    2. Buyer Beware. Make sure your vendor contract has sufficient detail on what will or won’t be included as well as when. This should be no surprise but software vendors often over promise and under deliver. We in the biz use the term “vaporware” to describe software or modules that sales promise to clients but the functionality is either not there or under developed.

    3. Please accept or decline when you get an inmail or introduction from Linkedin within 24 hours. When you do respond it is polite and you will gain instant street cred. If you do not have time to network just say so or “I cannot right now here is my information contact me at this time.” The no response is more than just poor etiquette it is just bad business.

    4. Be careful when having lunch with clinical folks. You need a well controlled stomach and gag reflex.

    On behalf of McCormack Consulting we wish you a Happy Memorial Day!

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