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    Thoughts from the Road this Week….


    We are going to have a weekly post of at least one thing our team members have learned, thought about or experienced each week from the road.

    1. Having a process that no one else knows about or chooses to follow is really no better than not having a process at all.
    2. Vendors many times assume that the client understands all of their jargon and technical terminology, thus causing huge gaps in communication. I have been able to add some value for the client simply by being the ‘translator’ and making sure they understand the message.

    3. There is a delicate balance with communication between the project team and client.  It takes a deep understanding of the client to know what is enough information to share in a project to satisfy the client of the progress being made so they feel confident and reassured about the project.

    4.  Regardless if it is in a meeting, email or presentation – you must always have a message if you want to influence and inspire.  Ask yourself before the call – What’s my point?  Be able to state that message in a single clear sentence.

    What was one take away for you this week?

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