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    To Cloud or Not To Cloud

    Is it time to take a look at your infrastructure?

    It’s nothing new that there is a migration to the “Cloud” for IT shops across a broad spectrum of industries. Healthcare is no exception. So should you go ahead and jump in because the CMIO, the CFO and other tech wannabees are pushing for it?


    Thoughts on the Road Last Week….

    These are the 4 things that our team members have learned, thought about or experienced last week!

    1. Make sure to empower the client in engagements by continually asking for their feedback.

    2. Buyer Beware. Make sure your vendor contract has sufficient detail on what will or won’t be included as well as when. […]

    The Ties that Bind – (Code Catalogs and Data Mapping)

    Have you ever tried to map data between two or more systems? It is difficult because the values and descriptions often differ. So what do you do? Many people have found success by using a spreadsheet with the integration/interface points listed from each product that is sharing data. But there are a few things you […]

    Thoughts from the Road this Week….

    We are going to have a weekly post of at least one thing our team members have learned, thought about or experienced each week from the road.

    1. Having a process that no one else knows about or chooses to follow is really no better than not having a process at all. 2. Vendors […]